The best proven way of communication is verbal communication having no room for gaps or misunderstandings, but with the new normal in this remotely working environment the communication medium has also shifted from verbal to written communication which has come up with it’s own difficulties of lack of expressions.

Skype is on the most widely used platform for professional communication these days but the biggest challenge we are facing with this platform is the lack of the formatting tools, which works as modulators in the written communication.

Here are a few hacks for formatting in Skype to make your life a bit easy:

Bold text: *Text*

Follow me *manvendrasinghrathore* on medium

Italic text: _Text_

I enjoyed developing _iOS_ apps

Strikeout text: ~Text~

~Swift~is a power full programming language

Monospaced: ``` Text```

This is my favourite one as developer.

``` print(“Hello world”)```

Command(“/”) “/me Text”:

Your name will appear followed by any text you write.

/me Typing

Thank you, Enjoy WHF stay safe.

iOS App developer