Persist or cache data on a single device, or sync data to multiple devices with CloudKit.

Core Data is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple in the macOS and iOS operating systems. It was introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and iOS with iPhone SDK 3.0. It allows data organised by the relational entity–attribute model to be serialised into XML, binary, or SQLite stores.

Remember that Core Data isn’t a database, it’s a framework.


  • Don’t have Data Constraints, if required need to implement by business logic.
  • Operates on in memory.(data …

A large number of programmers believe that the keyboard is faster for all (programming-related) tasks as compared to mouse, I am also one of them.

While programming if you know the shortcuts of your IDE then you can do the same work in more efficient way.

Here are some shortcuts that I was using to boost my productivity:

Basic Shortcuts

  • Build: Command(⌘) + B
  • Run: Command(⌘) + R
  • Test: Command(⌘) + U
  • Stop: Command(⌘) + .
  • Clean: Command(⌘) + Shift(⇧) + K
  • Clean the build folder: Command(⌘) + Shift(⇧) + Option(⌥) + K
  • Code completion: control(⌃) + Space

Open debugger window

Command(⌘) + Shift(⇧) +…

ABI Stability

The main focus for Swift 5.0 is to reach ABI stability. The term “ABI” stands for Application Binary Interface. It’s the binary equivalent of an API, an Application Programming Interface.

As an iOS developer, you use the API of a library to write code for your apps. The UIKit framework, for example, includes an API to interface with buttons, labels and view controllers.

You use that API as a developer, just like you use the steering wheel to drive a car. Some APIs are private, such as your car’s odometer. Roughly speaking, the steering wheel connects internally to the wheels…

We create variable and method at beginning of development but sometimes some of them remain unused but we forgot to remove them. Also it’s difficult to identify which variable or method is unused. They are only there for memory consumption.

You can remove unused code easily with this ruby script. Download this file and add in your X-code project. You can also create a new file unused.rb in Xcode and add this script.

Now navigate to you project in terminal and run this command

$ ruby unused.rb

The terminal will spit out a list of unused functions and variables found…

While earning in six digits does 50 rs matter? for me Yes, it’s priceless.. why?

Let’s move to flashback. It was the beginning of the 21st century, When every child was desperately waiting to spend his summer vacation by going to his favorite place ‘Nani’s house’. Unlike other children, I had hardly been there two or three times before, to spend my holidays there.

“Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins.” — Joyce Allston

This time I spent some amazing and exciting time with my ‘Nani’ and in just 2 days I started to feel…

I am not supporting the naming culture, but I want to say something for those people who are comparing Gandhi’s naming style to Narendra Modi Stadium.

Stadiums like Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium comes under ‘Sports Authority of India’ a Central government body (i.e public property) and many more like this are controlled by the government named on Gandhi’s family, whereas,

The Narendra Modi stadium comes under GCA which comes under BCCI which is a fully private organisation

As we know India is a democratic country so everyone has the right to give any name to his property.

Objection can only arise

The term iBeacon and Beacon are often used interchangeably. iBeacon is the name for Apple’s technology standard, which allows Mobile Apps (running on both iOS and Android devices) to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly. In essence, iBeacon technology allows Mobile Apps to understand their position on a micro-local scale, and deliver hyper-contextual content to users based on location. The underlying communication technology is Bluetooth Low Energy.

Suppose you entered in any Shopping mall, how would you find the store ? by Using the store map, ask the people around you or visit one…

The best proven way of communication is verbal communication having no room for gaps or misunderstandings, but with the new normal in this remotely working environment the communication medium has also shifted from verbal to written communication which has come up with it’s own difficulties of lack of expressions.

Skype is on the most widely used platform for professional communication these days but the biggest challenge we are facing with this platform is the lack of the formatting tools, which works as modulators in the written communication.

Here are a few hacks for formatting in Skype to make your life a bit easy:

Bold text: *Text*

Like other third party(such as Facebook or Google) Apple also provide Sign feature for applications.

If you are an iOS app developer, you need to know the Apple login because according to Apple’s new App Store developer guidelines(4.8 Sign in with Apple):

Apps that exclusively use a third-party or social login service (such as Facebook Login, Google Sign-In, Sign in with Twitter, Sign In with LinkedIn, Login with Amazon, or WeChat Login) to set up or authenticate the user’s primary account with the app must also offer Sign in with Apple as an equivalent option.

Step to Implementation

It’s much easier to implement…

According to the Happiness Report, India lies at 133rd position in 2018 down falling to 140th in 2019, out of 156 countries. Whereas we have doubled GDP in the last two decades. Many of us believe that money is the primary source of happiness, but the records refute it, showing us the different side of the story altogether,

Even with my experiences in life so far I have realised money solely cannot guarantee us happiness.

Earlier, I used to believe that you can have everything if you have money because most of the fights I have seen in families were…


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